Dog walkers rescued from sinking mud after ‘wife takes wrong turn’ on beach

Brian Garrett blamed his wife Jean for getting stuck in mud in Humberston, Lincolnshire (Picture: MEN)

A man wasn’t too happy with his wife after she apparently took a wrong turn and they both ended up stuck in the mud on a beach.

Brian and Jean Garrett got trapped when they went for a run along Humberston Fitties in Humberston, Lincolnshire, with their dogs, on Monday.

The couple spent 40 minutes in the sludge before they were rescued by emergency services.

The coastguard was called to a section of the seafront near the Humber Mouth Yacht Club after receiving reports of two people in difficulty at around 3.30pm.

After they were rescued the couple was covered from head to toe in mud, and their dogs, Penny and Lucy, could be seen shivering.

The couple spent 40 minutes in the mud before they were rescued (Picture: MEN)

Mr Garrett said: "We had come down to take the dogs for a run.

"The wife ended up going the wrong way, typical woman, and I ended up following her and we got stuck in the mud for about 40 minutes.

"I would like to thank the coastguard for arriving so quickly and getting us out safely, it is much appreciated.

"We might come back tomorrow, but I don't think so."

Shaun Lee, the coastguard officer in charge of the incident, added: "When we arrived on scene we found two people stuck in the mud on the marshland, a male, a female, and two dogs, but the dogs were not stuck.


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"We deployed two mud rescue techs, got to the male adult quite quickly and released him quickly.

"The woman was 30ft away seaward from the male and stuck deeper than him and was harder to rescue.

Mr Lee said his biggest concern was the incoming tide.

“While rescuing the female, water started coming in round the female and rescue team,” he said.

The couple did not require medical attention but Mr Lee confirmed they were given advice on the dangers of muddy beaches.

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