Domestic Abuse Accused Abhinav Kohli Says He's Met Shweta Tiwari After Getting Bail

Actor Abhinav Kohli, who was accused of domestic abuse by his wife Shweta Tiwari, has been granted bail in the case. He attended a short film screening event, where he spoke about having met his wife after stepping out of custody. Shweta had filed a complaint against her husband, accusing him of making disturbing remarks towards her 19-year-old daughter Palak.

Palak had also taken to social media to clarify that it was she who was the victim of domestic abuse for days on end. She said that Abhinav "did persistently make inappropriate and disturbing remarks the impact of which is only known to my mother and I." Her mother and popular TV actress Shweta Tiwari had filed a police complaint and Abhinav was sent to police custody.

Now that he is out, Abhinav opened up about the matter at the screening of the film Cheetiyan. When asked if he was fine, he told, "I am recovering." When asked if this incident was disturbing for him, Abhinav answered, "It is, very, for me, it is not over yet it's still on."

When the actor was asked if he was back to normal life, he answered, "I am back to life for sure but normalcy will take some time, a little bit." Abhinav was asked if he had met Shweta after coming out and he said, "Yes, I have met her." Before he could reveal any further about his conversation with Shweta, his mother Poonam Kohli then interrupted and said, "It is a family matter."

Palak is Shweta's daughter from her first marriage with Raja Chaudhary. Raja has claimed that he has been worried about his daughter, but the Shweta has not responded to any of his calls or messages.

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