Don’t Demand Alimony From Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Netizens SLAM Aaliya Siddiqui & Say ‘Be Aatmanirbhar’

Swikriti Srivastava

From the last few days, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is constantly in the limelight as his wife, Aaliya Siddiqui has sent a legal notice to the actor, demanding divorce and alimony. Aaliya accused Nawaz's family of many wrongdoings including that her brother-in-law raised a hand on her. In a recent interaction with ABP, Aaliya revealed that she and Nawaz have been staying separately from the past 4-5 years. "After separation, Nawazuddin mostly used to stay at his office in Yari Road near our house. However, he continued to visit our home and people believed that we live together and are happy with each other."

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While many netizens came out in support of Aaliya and slammed Nawazuddin for not setting a right example for his fans, many slammed Aaliya too, for demanding alimony and asked her to be 'aatmanirbhar'.


"What makes you feel that you deserve a part of his assets. It was his sheer hard work. The man grew from nothing. After 10 years, you have been consumed by greed and want to suck all his money. GET A LIFE!"

Sharmistha Saha @beingsharmi

"Keep your private life private,there were lot of celebrity divorces before and they had done with dignity,dont deminise your own reputation in public domain.Get hold of a good lawyer and seek for mutual separation with proper alimony since you are mother of 2 and they deserve good."

ANANDVIJOY @anand1vijoy

"Couldn't have said it better. Grace is must. One can change husband, but kids will never be able to change their biological father. A public figure, pays humongous price of unwarranted media scrutiny in his personal life, which mango people simply skip."


"If you really hate @Nawazuddin_S Then why need his hard earned money? Children are born by mutual process, if he has equal efforts why you claim both? He has equal rights. Why don't you go for #sharedparenting? Why you can't be #atmanirbhar? Check @iHrithik's shared parenting."

What are your thoughts about the netizens' tweets?

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