Don’t Spread Panic & Stay Away From Misinformation About Coronavirus, Here’s How!

Amar Singh Rathore

The global threat which we are facing in today’s time & age, ie, the Coronavirus outbreak can very well escalate the panic and the amount of misinformation which is passed on a daily basis is also hazardous. Read on.

While we all are trying to stay indoors and maintaining social-distancing due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, there are several people who are also spreading false & non-researched information hence people are panicking a lot. This is resulting in many things such as confusion, spreading misinformation and mental-health issues. It is utmost important that we stay calm and keep our mental-health in check because a lot of fear, panic and misinformation is being passed from one person to another. There are many better things we can do right now rather than panicking and being figgity due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


Here are a few things you can do to avoid the panic and the confusion,

1. Self Education : As they say knowledge is empowering, we must self-educate ourselves about the Covid 19 virus, how does it spread, what are it’s symptoms and what to do when you are tested positive with the Coronavirus. There are many credible websites on the Internet such as the official website of World Health Organisation where one can find all the researched and proven information.

2. Empower Others : There are many ways by which one can empower others and some of them can range from educating our parents & closed ones about the current state plus the do’s and the don’ts to giving your house-help an off for this month and not departing them from their much deserved salary as we have to understand that they also have to run their families in these desperate times.

3. Avoid Forwarding Messages On Whatsapp : We tend to forward messages on Whatsapp in the blink of an eye and here is where lies the actual problem. We hardly check and research about these messages for them being factual and holding truth and just forward it to many others who might also do the same thus starting a massive chain of misinformation.

4. Panic Isn’t Helpful : If we start panicking and over-stressing about the situation, the battle is half-lost already so we must act maturely and start handling the situation as how the experts are handling it. So it is way better approach any day to have a positive state of mind amidst this chaos.

5. Self Awareness & Social Responsibility : If you think you have symptoms of Coronavirus and might have been affected, please self-isolate yourself and get yourself checked for Covid 19. Also, one must understand one’s social-responsibility that they need to avoid being a carrier and avoid going to crowded places to stop the flow.


We hope you all remain indoors, remain healthy and remain clean & safe. Spend your precious time with your precious family members and make the most of it!

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