Donal Bisht :”I don’t want to sit back with regrets”

Maithili Shinde
·1-min read

While the whole world had come to a hault, actress Donal Bisht on the other hand kept working hard even in the pandemic. The actress who thinks slightly out-of-the-box says, for her more than anything Perseverance matters as everyone works hard initially but perseverance is what keeps them going.

The actress who was seen in a number of things in the year 2020, was on her toes as she was working back to back. When asked about how she managed to work amidst the pandemic whereas the whole world had come to a profound stagnancy, she says “I am thankful to God, that I was working even in lockdown. Because in life I have learnt everything but not stopping at one place. Because in order to reach somewhere you have to make a move. I was constantly working in lockdown because at the end of the day I don’t want to sit back with regrets and think ‘Oh! I could’ve done this or I could’ve done that’. So my only aim in life is to work rigorously so that I could be able to accomplish my dreams”

The actress who recently launched her own YouTube channel will be seen in two shows back to back! Her shows titled ‘The Socho Project’ and ‘In Cold Blood’ are slated to release early this year!