Donal Bisht: 'This Pandemic Situation Is Similar To The Korean Horror Film Train To Busan’- EXCLUSIVE

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Actress Donal Bisht, who’s currently shooting for her Telugu debut film, Dare to Sleep, shares her perception on the current pandemic situation. The actress who has always had a fascinating view on situations, says that the pandemic situation reminds her of the Korean action horror film, Train to Busan.

She says, “I feel like we’re all living in the horror film ‘Train to Busan’, where everyone turns into zombies. Our reality is very much like the situation in the movie; whoever comes in contact with the person having the virus, also gets the virus. Just how in the film normal people that come in contact with zombies also turn into zombies.” ALSO READ: Naagin 4 Actor Pearl V Puri Has A Request On COVID-19 Vaccine Being Available For 18 Years And Above- EXCLUSIVE

While Donal’s views may seem rather light-hearted, the actress has been continuously working towards educating her followers on the importance of staying healthy and fit during the pandemic. She even posted a video of a full-body workout encouraging her fans to stay fit and help build their immunity power. “The only thing we can do is to take all the precautionary measures and take care” she says as she signs off. ALSO READ: Covid 19 Vaccine: Himanshi Khurana Says, 'Have Had The Unpleasant Experience Of COVID-19, Will Take My Dots Soon'- EXCLUSIVE

Image source: Instagram/donalbisht

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