Donald Trump Lost the US Presidency. Now He's Losing His Twitter Followers to Biden Too

Raka Mukherjee
·2-min read

Donald Trump may still be tweeting fake news, but his audience for it may be a lot lesser than before.

Ever since he lost the election, Donald Trump has also been losing followers. According to Factbase, a website dedicated to tracking Trump’s public utterances, Trump has lost over 1 lakh followers. Joe Biden has gained over 1,000,000.

From November 18, Trump has consistently been losing thousands of followers in a day.

A CNN reported recently found out that while Twitter followers were “surely not the most important metric in the world”, it was “still worth noting: for the first time since 2015, Trump is consistently losing followers”.

Factbase has “measured small declines for 11 days in a row," he mentioned in his tweet. From Factbase's data, there is a huge decline in the last 12 days (November 18 - November 30.)

Trump at his current peak has 88.8 million followers, and continues tweeting baseless allegations about rigged elections, stolen elections and very recently, how he won the elections.

In fact, just yesterday, he alleged that there is "no way we lost."

Despite failing to cite specific evidence of voter fraud, Trump has continuously tweeted on how the Republicans did not lose the polls on November 3.

Twitter has also repeatedly fact-checked his tweets, labelling most of his posts on election fraud as disputed. But the Republican president doesn't seem like he will relent, yet.

Even the margin of votes, isn't a 'close call.' Joe Biden is the first presidential candidate to win more than 80 million votes, with more ballots still in the process of being counted in end-November.

Biden currently has 20.2 million followers at the time of writing this story (1st December), and according to Social Bakers, has consistently been gaining them over the last week.