'Don't Breathe' sequel will poke Lang where it hurts bad

Shubham Dasgupta
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23 Nov 2020: 'Don't Breathe' sequel will poke Lang where it hurts bad

You don't mess with the blind man on Don't Breathe.

But as luck and the film's fans would have it, the blind man is far from gone and something else will poke him enough to get out of his comfort zone this time.

Yes, the Don't Breathe sequel will have a new storyline picking up from where the first film left it.

Script: What does 'the blind man' say?

Stephen Lang, who played the deadly army vet in the first film, is excited about the sequel.

"I never walked away from a scene on this feeling like we'd left something on the table there. We really strived to get everything...out of it. It has a tremendous kinship with the first film, but in every way — it's very much its own thing," he said.

Details: When was the shoot completed?

Lang and his team resumed working on the film from July in Serbia.

Fortunately, the film had its post-production done before COVID-19 struck Hollywood in April.

The actor tweeted about wrapping up the shoot on October 7.

"I'm wrapped! A splendidly rugged shoot. Thank you Belgrade. All health and safety protocols observed to the letter. Well done all!" tweeted Lang.

Fact: Lang had announced completion of 'Don't Breathe 2'

Storyline: What is this film about?

Horror site Bloody Disgusting reported that the sequel tests the vet out of his fortified house.

"The Blind Man has been hiding out for years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a house fire," the website revealed.

Hell breaks loose when a group of miscreants takes the girl, forcing the man to buckle up again.

Believable horror: Why is 'Don't Breathe' so scary?

Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez got popular for directing the 2016 thriller flick Don't Breathe, which showed a burglary attempt by seasoned thieves go horribly wrong when the spot happens to be the undisturbed residence of a blind, retired army vet.

Alvarez co-wrote the script with Rodo Sayagues, whose directorial debut will be this sequel, which has a release date scheduled for August 13, 2021.