'Don't Tell The Bride' forced to cancel episode mid-filming after wedding party breaks show rules

Amy West
'Don't Tell The Bride' producers were forced to stop a couple going ahead with their big day after they found out they had been communicating throughout the process (E4)

Don’t Tell The Bride producers were forced to cancel a couple’s wedding plans mid-filming after they discovered that they had broken show rules.

Birmingham-based pair Yanis Wilkinson Teece, 23, and his 20-year-old fiancée Shanise Frame were left shocked when they were told their big day wasn’t going ahead. It turns out, they’d been communicating throughout the process and that some of the bridal party had found out details about the surprise wedding via hidden emails.

E4’s reality show Don’t Tell The Bride traditionally sees the bride and groom remain separate for three weeks while the latter organises their impending nuptials alone. From planning the hen do, buying the wedding dress, booking the venue and the transport, the bride is always kept completely in the dark about their big day until it happens.

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“It’s quite legendary,” Yanis recently told Metro, reacting to the news that the producers pulled the plug on them. “Quite idiotic, but in some ways, I do feel like a legend.”

He went on to say that throughout filming, he had increasing suspicions about people behind the scenes intervening.

“I got that tingling feeling from the offset. As soon as I got to [mother-in-law] Chantelle’s house and I saw the cameras and the amount of people involved. I was ‘like this is too much for a bridesmaid reveal.’”

Yanis said he felt like a 'legend' when the show told them they were ceasing filming mid-way through (E4)

Yanis had planned to fly himself and Shanise to Paris to get hitched before flying back to Birmingham to celebrate with friends and family and £2,000 worth of takeaway food. The episode was originally scheduled to air on Sunday, 6 October.

According to the Mirror, Yanis and Shanise have been dating for two and a half years. Before entering the show, Yanis had reportedly proposed twice - once in the bathtub and the second time, in front of family at Christmas.

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Since Don’t Tell The Bride started in 2007, there has never been an episode where there hasn’t been a wedding at the end of it. In February 2018, Sofia and Craig became the first couple not to tie the knot on camera.