Dr Kim Brown Reveals How To Go From Stuck to Thriving – Emotionally and Financially

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Dr. Kim Brown (@DrKimBrown) is an Internationally Certified Trainer & Coach of NLP, TimeLine Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis. Kim facilitates courses to certify students as NLP & Time Line Therapy ® Practitioners, NLP Coaches, and Hypnotherapists around the globe. Kim utilizes her 22 years of business and allied health experience to empower new and existing coaches to build thriving six and seven-figure businesses by teaching them successful business mindset and strategies.

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Kim also provides 1:1 customized coaching globally and helps her clients remove the genealogical baggage passed down through the lineage so they can create a future of their choosing without the limitations imposed by past generations. She is helping her clients remove the beliefs of not being good enough and not being worthy so they can invest more time and energy into their future endeavors without the weight of the past on their shoulders.

Kim has a firm but fair approach and gets the best out of her clients and students by empowering them to strengthen their mindset and improve their self-worth, self-care, and self-love. Students are taught in such a comprehensive way that, once certified, they can confidently create financial and emotional success on their terms as coaches, mentors & business owners. Kim is on a mission to empower women to be financially thriving and independent in their own right and clear their past baggage and trauma to continue the cycle. Kim was recently recognized as fourth in the “Top 10 Female Coaches in Australia” and is endeavoring to get NLP into the schooling system to help change the strategies and mindset of our youth at the grassroots level.

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