Dr. Naren Goyal – An Edutrainer and Famous Motivator among youth today


Is education possible with the help of little entertainment? Well, Dr. Goyal got a very good answer for that. Read on…

Born in city of lakes, ie, Udaipur and having a bunch of experience in the field of education, life training, skill development and edutainment, Dr. Naren Goyal is becoming a strong face of motivation today for the young guns.

He is not a normal formal speaker, who just delivers a lecture and tries to spread one sided message. He is the one who always make a good interaction and deep conversation with youngsters in his sessions. The youngsters all around always feel excited for his skills and life training sessions.

Dr Goyal is a good counselor and a health expert too. Youngsters often meet him to get motivation and make discussions with him about their lives and career.
A simple question was asked, “Is it really a need to teach how to live life?”

For which, he replied, “Youngsters today are alone inside, confused about their career and role in this world. They love their lives but elders often failed to understand them and their mindset. I know very well the personality differentiation, what young guns feel and what level of depression they face sometime. I motivate them and guide them according to their life needs.”

Although he always busy with his training sessions in Hindustan Zinc as soft and life skills trainer and also associated with DigiHakk as a guide and mentor, but, still he manages to solve problems of youth and maintain his personal life very well as a caring husband and father.

“Well yes, I am a good manager, I know how to manage 24 hours and how to become energetic for that, and I always try to teach that trick of time management to youngsters.”

By his entertaining learning sessions, he easily motivates the minds and makes them strong. All these qualities and his perception towards life made him look like a young college boy in the age of 34. He says, “You just need self motivation to make a disciplined schedule and good food habits to lock your age.” He tries to make people back in shape so that they feel younger and feel good about their life.

Dr. Goyal took more than 1000 sessions of training in his 11 years of career in various colleges, schools and institutions and still going strong to make young lives beautiful. Wow!

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