Dr Roxy Leads a Thriving Women’s Community on Social Media

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Social media; it’s a powerful tool but one that’s only as good as the one wielding it. While some think social media has limited impact on the field of medicine, other revolutionary players are changing the game, using online platforms to advance their advocacies.

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For plastic surgeon, Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, or Dr. Roxy as she is fondly referred to by her patients, says she’s been widely successful in building a thriving community of empowered women on social media. Her following consists primarily of previous clients and prospective patients who are interested in learning about plastic surgery from Dr. Roxy herself.

After finishing med school, Dr. Roxy says she found herself at a crossroads. She could offer her services to an already-established clinic and conform to the norms of conservative medicine in Ohio. Or, she could continue her education and find a way to share her passion for educating people on plastic surgery.

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Instead, she says she was dedicated to do things her own way by opening her own practice and connecting with patients by educating them on cosmetic surgery in a fun, charismatic way. How? By sharing her procedures on Instagram, Snapchat, and even TikTok.

She says by making the operating room accessible to the public through social media, she is able to remove the mystery and stigma surrounding plastic surgery. The results: empowering more and more people to truly understand how plastic surgery works, the risks, and recovery involved, and how these types of procedures can greatly affect their confidence level, she says.

“Personally, my goal is to touch as many lives as I can,” says Dr. Roxy. “As I make one patient’s dream physique a reality, I am also inspiring others not to deprive themselves of changes that will make them more confident and happy.”

The result of such efforts is a thriving community of women who are all about lifting up and encouraging each other to make informed decisions about their own bodies, says Dr. Roxy.

“For ROXY Plastic Surgery, our focus is on helping patients reclaim power to their own bodies and lives,” says Dr. Roxy.

This approach to plastic surgery is fresh, to say the least. There’s no denying there’s still some stigma attached to those who go under the knife to improve their appearance, says Dr. Roxy. But recognizing that such a stigma is usually spurred by ignorance rather than plain disapproval, has guided her masterful use of social media. She says her objective is to demystify cosmetic surgery and remove some of the stigma. Needless to say, Dr. Roxy is changing lives and empowering women one post, one tweet, and one snap at a time.

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