Dr Snehal Adsule: Working to Combat Dietary Deficiency for Women in India

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“Looking after your health today will definitely give you a hope for better tomorrow” Health is an important factor which contributes in human well-being and also economic growth of the country. Women are the backbone of society and are considered to form an important pillar of the nation. Nowadays women health is a serious matter of concern.

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Health of a woman is affected by numerous factors like: malnutrition, chronic disease, poverty, violence, illiteracy, and lack of access to quality healthcare. Females are the caretaker around the world who look after the family but they themselves suffer from more from poorer health. In this 21st century it is highly required to create awareness among these vulnerable yet intensely committed sections of the society. In such cases the professionals of healthcare sector play an important role.

Dr. Snehal Adsule, a well-recognized dietitian has been continuously working to bring awareness among the women in the country. Her sole purpose behind this act is to make 1 million Indian women healthy, happy, and empowered. She is a highly qualified dietitian and has also been recognized through various awards like: “Sarvochh Seva Sanman Award” by NMIMS (May 2018), “Most trusted dietitian of the year” by Brands Impact (Jan 2019). Dr. Snehal Adsule’s healthy life mantra is ‘Eat Desi Lose Weight Easy’ as home-cooked food is the best medium to reduce weight and to stay fit.

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Dr. Snehal Adsule got this mission to inspire women’s for adopting a healthy lifestyle from her real-life incident, where she lost her aunt. After this incident, she met hundreds of women who are suffering from some of the other problems, and the reason among all is still similar: Food and stress.

This survey made her naturally inclined towards women’s problems and she motivated herself to do something exclusively for women. Her remarkable works to date are worth appreciating, her hard work in these years has been recognized throughout the awards she made on her name. The core reason behind Dr. Snehal Adsule to focus majorly on women is that they need this the most. The most common thing females of all ages are facing nowadays is obesity due to many health-related reasons.

Dr. Snehal Adsule has provided a simple way for women to lose weight: Desi Diet; 30 minutes’ walk/daily and stress, sleep, and water intake management. Through this simple diet, she has helped many of her clients to reduce weight and stay healthy.

Women and girls have some specific health needs and health system, which is abolishing day by day. The WHO states that today women’s health has become an urgent priority for many nations. In recent times in India, the lifestyle of females has changed a lot which has inculcated several diseases. Like Breast cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Anemia, depression, obesity, and many more. These all can be prevented if taken care of at the initial stage. This is why it is suggested to have a proper diet plan and food rich in nutrients to prevent oneself from these emerging problems. “Communities are only as strong as the health of their women.”.