How Dre Medici Has Built a Multi Million Dollar Empire Helping Thousands of People

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Dre Medici, has led Grow With Us Agency to unbelievable heights since 2019. In the last two years alone they’ve personally transformed the lives and businesses of over 2500+ clients worldwide. Dre Medici originally founded the idea of Grow With Us Agency after successfully leading his own two prior Instagram businesses (Workout Meal Plan & Good Life Express, along with his personal brand empire @dremedici) in 2017-2018. Once he mastered how to grow several businesses past 6 figures by the age of 17-18, he realized he had to go all in on the idea of helping thousands of people around the world achieve the same, using his proven systems and formulas.

That was when he started to build out his team, which started by calling his lifelong partner Arthur Caravellas. He then rapidly began adding stellar team members who shared the same vision Michael Kollatz, then Omar Connects, then Orlando Santucci, then Mukor Harris, then Joe McCarthy, and the list goes on! They’re now a team of 100+ with the same clear mission: build up Grow With Us Agency to a billion dollar valuation while transforming the lives of millions by helping them build a successful online business.

Grow With Us Agency, launched in New York City, where they opened their first headquarters in 2018. Shortly after, they made their way back down to Miami — Dre’s hometown. Since then the company has been led by Dre Medici, Arthur Caravellas, and Omar Connects — along with all of their amazing team members/partners who are all worldwide.

Dre has also focused on giving people an opportunity around the world and has employed top tier individuals from allover the world to make up Grow With Us Agency.

One of the key exciting parts about Grow With Us Agency — is how they grow their clients followings when originally starting out with them. By teaming up with the top celebrities around the world. They’ve worked with numerous amounts of well known social media starts, famous rappers, and celebrities: Supreme Patty, Tayler Hoider, Lele Pons, Madison Bailey, Fivio Foreign, Mario Judah, J4CKSON7, Smokepurpp (this month), and many more! They partner up with these celebrities to host promotions which instantly takes their clients followings to the next level with all real followers!

The best part about Grow With Us Agency, is that they offer a complete package to take you to the next level, not just followers. They provide their top tier video training to all their clients to make sure they understand the true foundations on how to continue to grow their following and their business rapidly, they get their clients published on top tier articles, provide elite engagement for all of their clients, coaching, private community group, and everything you possibly need to guarantee your success.