Dream Girl to Meme Queen: Hema Malini turns 71

Actress turned politician Hema Malini celebrates her 71st birthday today. The two time elected BJP MP from Mathura has won hearts with her stint as Bollywood's Dream Girl. However, on the political front, Hema has been nothing but a content provider for several jokes and memes, courtesy- her acts of social welfare.

Her field trip before Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Elections require campaigning, especially in the rural parts of the country, even if you're a renowned actress. Hema, who had never visited people from her own constituency, took charge of the opportunity and went on a field trip. The awkward scenario, aided by pictures that went viral, led to a meme fest on social media.

Not remembering work done in Mathura

During the same period, Hema had to face the brunt of several reporters covering the Elections. When a reporter asked her what work she had done in Mathura during her first term, Hema blatantly said it is a lot, so much that she can't even remember.

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Walking out of Fashion show

Hema and her daughter Esha were seen at a fashion event as showstoppers. During the post show conference, Hema was asked to speak about her experience on the runway but instead went on to promote her child's upcoming film. The management team asked her to not do so, and when it was Esha's turn to speak, the mother daughter duo walked out of the event.

Cleaning session at Parliament

PM Modi with his Swachh Bharat mission, didn't even spare the MPs and would often ask them to participate in campaigning cleanliness. Hema along with other members was seen in one of the cleaning sessions at the Parliament. However, the actress that she is, netizens were quick to notice it was all an act with even bad acting.

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