'There is no tool like this!': Is this the world's most useful spoon?

Dreamfarm Supoon. (Photo: Amazon)

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One of the worst things in life is throwing away a jar of peanut butter (or Nutella, mayo, marshmallow fluff, etc.) knowing that some of it is going to waste. It’s inevitable with any spread. Jars today are shaped in a way where it’s basically impossible to use a utensil and efficiently get out all of what’s inside.

And though it’s a seemingly simple inconvenience, there’s yet to be an invention to combat it — until now.

A spoon made to swat away basically any and all mishaps in the kitchen is here — and it’s both cheap and a cult favorite on Amazon. Out of 300 reviews, it has a near-perfect 4.6 rating.

The Dreamfarm Supoon combines the following all into one handy tool: measuring cup, jar scraper, stirrer, spoon, best friend and more. It’s the kind of item that comes around every now and then and makes you think, “Why did it take so long for someone to think of this?”

Its design makes the Supoon superior to all others. A flat squeegee tip allows for the utensil to mold to any shape it’s pressed against (i.e., the peanut butter jar you’ll soon be finishing), easily allowing for an efficient scraping so good that it’ll change your life — or at least your kitchen game.

Past the squeegee tip is the scooping head, which is more than what it seems. Instead of the typical slim impression a normal spoon has, the Supoon doubles as a measuring device, with markings for a tablespoon and a teaspoon included.

Dreamfarm Supoon. (Photo: Amazon)

If you think the magical spoon head is all that we’re losing our minds over, you’re mistaken.

The shape of the device allows for you to place it on a countertop without the spoon head touching the surface. That’s right. The thing you’ve had to teach yourself not to do (or, let’s be honest, the thing you still do that dirties up your kitchen) is now possible — in fact, it’s encouraged.

Dreamfarm Supoon. (Photo: Amazon)

The handle is bent at an angle that allows you to place it down wherever you please, without getting your ingredients everywhere. It’s perfect if you’re multitasking in the kitchen, because you’ll no longer need both hands to measure out a recipe.

Below, check out what fans of the product have to say of the BPA-free Supoon:

  • One five-star reviewer said: “There is no tool like this one! I used this ‘spoon’ as I cooked for Thanksgiving. I used it for 5 different dishes. It is so strong, that it can heap heavy spoonfuls of chunky mashed potatoes. It's strong! I used it to scrape out the bottom of my Oster Blender and I know for sure I hit that metal blade numerous times without any scratches. And I used it for all my sides to scrape off the pots and pans so I didn't waste a single drop. And the spatula part really does stay upright! I can't believe I never knew about this before. And ... I was NOT paid for this review. I paid full price on Amazon and it was worth every penny. Will be buying these as stocking [stuffers] this Christmas!

  • Another jokingly warned: “You will have to break the habit of never setting your spoons on the counter. It was hard to remember that you can set this down anywhere and the spoon does not touch the counter! Pretty genius really. Further genius is the fact that there are measurement lines inside the spoon. Pretty well thought out, pretty handy and good-looking too.”

  • “I LOVE this, I'm so obsessed!!!” one shopper wrote. “I use it for ice cream, yogurt, peanut butter, Nutella, basically everything I can. If you live alone or eat out of your own jars, you need this.”

  • One hyper-enthusiastic reviewer called the Supoon a “must-have in every kitchen. “Nothing works better for sauces, it scrapes every last drop out of the pan, no waste when serving, amazing!!” they added. “I bought the black one for myself years ago and just purchased the red one for my mom. I use mine all the time and it's holding up perfectly. It's also great to sauté vegetables, etc. Easily slips under food to flip it over. It's a very well-designed cooking utensil and I haven't even used the teaspoon or tablespoon measurements yet!”

Dreamfarm Supoon. (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: Dreamfarm Supoon, $10, amazon.com

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