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Although people tirelessly focus on their skincare routine to get the glow on their face, they forget the most important thing which is diet. If you have a good day and night skincare routine but have a poor diet, then you are chopping the very branch you are sitting on. Be thoughtful of what you put inside your mouth, and you will see the results almost immediately. Starting the day by consuming the things we mention below can help you massively.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water immediately after waking up flushes out harmful toxins from your stomach. It is even better if you consume lukewarm water rather than cold. Apart from removing the toxins from your system, drinking water hydrates your body, which is important. The water also acts as a natural moisturiser for your body, which keeps acne at bay. The electrolyte balance is also settled after drinking water in the morning. It has several benefits and is hard to mention all of them in a single article.

Honey and lemon

Consuming two to three tablespoons of honey and lemon with lukewarm water can prove to be beneficial to the skin. Honey has anti-aging properties and people who consume honey on a regular basis have fewer wrinkles on their faces than the ones who don’t. While lemon, which is rich in vitamin C aids the growth of more healthy cells in the body.

Fruit or vegetable juices

Consuming a glass full of fruit or vegetable juice can give the body essential nutrients, fiber and vitamins.

Turmeric milk

We have always been told by our grandparents and our parents to include turmeric milk in our daily diet. And there is a logic behind it. Turmeric has antibiotic properties which helps you against contracting diseases while also keeping your skin fresh.

Include all or either one of these in your morning routine, and you will have a glowing skin for the rest of your life.

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