'Drugs, Mental Health, Scandals': Prince Harry Bares it All in Dax Shepherd Podcast

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The Duke of Sussex opened up about his drug and alcohol problems while speaking on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expertmental health podcast. Prince Harry, 36, shared his experiences of “going wild” in his early twenties while partying hard as he struggled with being a part of the Royal family. During the 90-minute interview, Harry opened up about his mental health, responsibilities as a Royal and his early relationship with wife Meghan Markle.

The charismatic Prince has had his fair share of controversies with drugs, partying, drinking and scandal as a nude photo of him was leaked to British media during his Lag Vegas trip. Talking about what led him down the path, he said it was “upbringing and everything that happened — the trauma, pain and suffering” and all of a sudden, he found himself doing a “s*** load of drugs and partying hard.”

At the time, he called it “fun” as in the 20s that’s what one is supposed to do. As a Royal whose life is being monitored always, he described his life was like “a mix between The Truman Show and living in a zoo” as he struggled to keep his relationship private amid growing up under the spotlight.

He recounted an incident during the initial stage of his relationship when Meghan stayed at Kensington palace and how they met in a supermarket in London and “pretended as though we didn’t know each other and texted about groceries from across the aisle,” reports Daily Mail.

However, he admitted that the paparazzi behaviour has improved since he moved to California and said, he could actually lift his head, feel different and walk around feeling free. The father of two shared he takes Archie, his son, on bicycle rides which he wouldn’t have been able to do earlier.

Speaking on mental health, he shared Meghan helped him to start therapy after she saw him angry. He thinks that speaking out is a sign of strength rather than a weakness, emphasising that two of the world’s biggest crises are — climate change and mental health.

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