DSSG’s CEO Adel Singh states Training is the core of the Security Industry

The nature of training is changing and there is a change in specific training needs as industries evolve and new technologies are incorporated. What does not change is the important role that humans play in the successful operation of the security system or plan. Proper training undoubtedly increases the qualifications and credibility of a security guard as a professional.

We had a conversation with Mr. Adel Singh, Group CEO Datar Security Services Group regarding the importance of training in the security industry. Adel Singh is a young entrepreneur and with his appropriate approach towards the client, Datar Security Service Group has reached heights with its customers in many states and many regions in India with more than 15 years in the industry.

“When a security guard is properly trained it doesn’t just provide a safer working environment for guards, it allows guards to provide the safest environment possible for those within the workplace”- says Adel Singh

The more you train a Security Guard…

Security guard training and skills are the most significant consideration for a security agency. There is a huge difference between ordinary safety and a productive, efficient security guard that has faced proper training.

“Imagine a workplace with a security guard who is appreciated not only by the employees but also by their clients. While a personal attitude relies on the person, a well-trained private security guard's excellent interaction skills and effectiveness earns the customer's confidence and allegiance and every client make sure he hires properly trained security guards”- says Adel Singh.

In the time of Emergency, the assistance is nearby“Security guards are nearly present everywhere. If these guards are trained with first aid and CPR methods, they will be able to help individuals in emergency cases before a doctor comes.

”People seem to fear during an event or trauma situation. Sequential guard training allows them to learn to function efficiently in all conditions. The presence of a qualified guard in these situations can generate a calm environment.

Soft Skills training cannot be ignored

While technical abilities are essential for security guards, the significance of soft skills should not be ignored as most of the times the security guards are deployed in areas where they need to make interaction with everyone around properly.

“If we do not spend time in enhancing our skill to communicate, our benefit may be reduced. Soft skills will be an important and genuine part of making the security industry success.”- says Adel Singh

Training according to Law

Before being implemented in the field, a security guard must have adequate training. A security agency in India must complete the training protocol as per the Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA). It requires a security agency to guarantee that the security guard is properly trained.

“Training is a vital part of a company’s success. All security guards need to be aware and well-informed about different security risks, for a security agency, licensed and well-trained guards are big features because each business understands the importance of employee safety and its assets.” -says Adel Singh

These are just a few of the main factors why training for security guards is so essential. One of the foremost is the improved work confidence, they learn to operate safely under all circumstances and seek opportunities to improve safety and security while enhancing the response to events. It is as simple as training may make the difference between whether or not the security guards can catch a thief on the premises.

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