'Dwanta Claus cleans up the trash' post-Christmas celebrations

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Actor Dwayne Johnson (Image Source: Instagram)
Actor Dwayne Johnson (Image Source: Instagram)

Washington [US], December 28 (ANI): Former wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson who stepped as the 'Dwanta Claus' this Christmas on Sunday (local time) cleaned the "trash" left behind after the celebrations.

The 'Baywatch' actor who has been terming himself as the 'Dwanta Claus' since the beginning of the Christmas season, took to Instagram to share a picture of himself cleaning his house.

The picture sees The Rock, wearing the 'Dwanta Claus' cap and holding all the trash in his hand as he stands beside a lot of mess and an almost falling Christmas tree.

"Dwanta Claus delivers... Dwanta Claus cleans up the trash. That's the way love goes," he wrote in the caption.

The 48-year-old actor had recently turned into his version of Santa Claus - Dwanta Claus - for the Christmas special episode of John Krasinski's 'Some Good News.' (ANI)