Dwayne 'Rock' Johnson Tastes His Blood in Insane Gym Video: Teremana, Calluses and BlaMoan Hot Sauce

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In a rather unfortunate incident, WWE star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson injured himself during a recent workout session. He has explained how he got injured and what he did after being injured in a video that he has shared on Instagram.

Sharing the selfie video in which one can see that his face is bleeding, on a rather gross note he is seen wiping off the blood on his face by his finger and licking it. “My blood tastes like Teremana, calluses and BlaMoan Hot Sauce,” he says

Revealing how he got injured, the ace wrestler mentioned that he hurt himself with a 50 pound chain during a workout session. What would perhaps send shivers down the spine of people is the point in the video where the WWE Superstar is seen wiping off blood from his fingers. The Rock also mentions that his injury will require stitches. However, he has also stated that the stitching part of it will be done only after the training is over.

Captioning the video, he wrote, “We ain’t playin’ tiddlywinks and we ain’t reciting nursery rhymes – it’s called the #ironparadise for a reason and things get extremely intense. Threw around my 50lb chains for a drop set – I got lumped up and need stitches. Taste your blood, keep training and stitch up later – rules of the house. And I can confirm my blood tastes like Teremana, calluses and BlaMoan (black and samoan) Hot Sauce. Have a productive week, my friends – keep it light and a lil’ fun, but get after it like a MF.”

You can view his post here:

In less than ten hours of being posted online, the video on Instagram alone has crossed a whopping 16 million views and tons of comments. Most netizens have lauded his determination while some have shared similar personal instances. A person wrote, “Been there, done that. If you ain’t bleeding you ain’t working,” while another one has expressed his fandom in the comments. He wrote, “He is my real hero so listen WWE get ready for the destroyer the Rock love you my champion”