Eamonn Holmes says he's 'sick to the core' with the BBC over TV licenses

Chris Edwards
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning (ITV)

This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes says he’s “sick to the core” of the government and the BBC trying to blame each other for the scrapping of free TV licenses for over-75s.

On yesterday’s episode of This Morning, the presenter addressed the topic of loneliness and how important television can be for people who live on their own.

Since then, Holmes has received support on social from fans, who have praised him for continuing to raise awareness of the subject.

After one Twitter user thanked him for keeping the discussion in the public’s mind, Holmes vented his frustration at the government and BBC for “trying to blame each other” over the scrapping of free licences.

“Loneliness is an unspoken about curse for many and it can get worse with age, which is why, knowing what a companion TV is for the elderly, I get sick to the core reading about The Government & The BBC trying to blame each other for charging people over 75 for a licence. Both guilty.”

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After another fan messaged Holmes to say that TV was their “companion” and that elderly people need to be “respected”, he replied: “That's because sadly society is ageist, Tracey.

“The Government and the BBC have chosen to penalise very old people. Whatever way either dresses it up - it's one of the following - ageism, or bad bad management. Sort it out.”

Eamonn Holmes received support from fans on Twitter for keeping the discussion of loneliness and TV license fees alive (Twitter/Eamonn Holmes)

Elsewhere, during an appearance on the Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan on Friday, Holmes said she his wife Ruth Langsford was “useless” on Strictly Come Dancing.

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When asked what it was like to watch his wife on the show, the presenter replied: “Interminable. Because the thing is of course, she was useless, she couldn’t dance.”

He added: “The fact was, she stayed in for eight weeks. I had to turn up every week and you had to sit in the most uncomfortable chairs ever. It was just not my thing.”

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