From early struggles to ‘Hustle’ fame, the inspiring tale of Miss Money

It is said that there is no success without struggle. For one to reach the zenith, wars must be fought and won. There will be ups and downs, but fighting and overcoming the odds is what lights the path to success.

Kimberly Ward, popularly known as Miss Money was born on the 28th of March 1986. The eldest of three siblings, she grew up with her mother in the small town of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Her father was absent while she was growing up, but they recently were reunited.

Her childhood was not a happy one. When she was still a little girl, she was taken in by the court due to her mother's repeated attempts at killing her uncle, who was allegedly sexually abusing her. As a result, Kimberly, at the age of 5, was separated from her biological mother only to be transferred in and out of shelters, foster care, and detention centers.

Further, while in junior school, she was suspended from school for leading a protest against the school kitchen’s serving ladies. They never wore caps or gloves and children would often find hair and other unhygienic particles in their food. The protest was successful because the ladies were eventually made to wear hair nets and gloves, even though Kimberley herself got a year’s suspension.

With every passing day though, she was spreading her wings, becoming a bigger rebel and moving a step closer to her destiny. With some much-needed encouragement on her career at one of her homes - the Auberle shelter, she began starring in Christmas plays and theaters in lead roles from the year 1994. Eventually, despite the adversities, she graduated with honors. She received a scholarship to pursue English Literature at a college level, as a result of performing exceedingly well in high school. It seemed like nothing could stop her anymore.

In 2011, she reached a turning point in her career when she was picked up by the record label in Paris with A&R Ferrer Fabienne and met Warner Bros. at California. Trouble kept following her however, and to put it past behind, by 2016 Miss Money began collaborating with artists from her hometown, Hill District. In 2017, she travelled to New York, doing interviews and making headlines alongside other famous personalities. She gradually began building up her life into something that her people could be proud of; that she could be proud of.

She then wrote her song 'On the Nephs,’ which referred to her community lingo and drew heavy attention. The song found immense popularity in South Africa, earning her tour dates and more fame. She recently collaborated with AliveShoes, launching her own shoe line, Rich Kickz.

Through the towering crests and the despairing troughs that she witnessed all her life, it can safely be attested that her career chose her. Miss Money was constantly bumping into musical opportunities. As someone who was a born leader, and as one who knew how to handle large audiences, Miss Money has rightly earned the fame she has achieved. Yet, with all the adulation she has received, she has not forgotten her roots. She is constantly working towards the betterment of poverty-stricken people who belong to the same background as herself, empowering them, and strengthening their will to do something great.