'EastEnders' fans are raging about Ian Beale's lies over Denny death

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and son Peter (Dayle Hudson) in EastEnders

EastEnders fans were outraged after last night’s (Monday 2 March) episode as Ian Beale continued to lie about his role in Dennis Mitchell’s tragic death.

This time he fibbed to his own son Peter (Walford newcomer Dayle Hudson) about what happened the night Dennis drowned.

Fans of the BBC soap know that Ian – who’s played by Adam Woodyatt – locked Dennis in a room below deck on the party boat which sunk on the Thames two weeks ago.

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He was livid with the teen tearaway who’d been posting anti-Islamic slurs online about Ian’s son, Bobby. The online hate lead to Bobby being brutally attacked and needing emergency surgery.

Ian Beale leaves Dennis Mitchell locked below deck in flashback scene

A drunk Dennis wound Ian up as he tracked him down to the boat party, which made Ian snap and lock him in an abandoned room.

But when it became clear that the boat was in trouble and began filling up with water, Ian tried to rescue Dennis. He eventually bashed through the door and attempted to drag Dennis to safety.

Unfortunately, it was too late and both Ian and Dennis were caught in a huge rush of water as it filled the lower part of the doomed vessel. Ian managed to escape with his life, but Dennis – son of Sharon Mitchell and Dennis Rickman – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Since then Ian has been frantically trying to cover his tracks so long-term friend Sharon doesn’t find out he was instrumental in killing her son.

Peter listens as Ian lies to him about Dennis Mitchell's death in EastEnders

Last night Ian broke down as he recalled to a suspicious Peter how he’d tried to save Dennis from the sinking ship.

Ian cornered Peter telling him that he needed to hear the truth. He then confessed that he’d gone on the ship to find Dennis because he was the one who’d been bullying Bobby online. Ian claimed he wanted to confront him about his cruel actions. He also admitted that Dennis was drunk when he found him.

A flashback scene then showed Ian slapping Dennis before locking him in the room and storming off. But Ian didn’t admit this to Peter, simply saying: “I left him.”

He ended his sob story saying: “I would have given my life to save his.”

Fans were furious at Ian lies and took to Twitter to share their outrage.

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“Ian is still lying,” one viewer fumed, adding a crying face emoji.

Another added: “I wish ian grow balls and be a man not mouse tell sharon the truth about her son but her baby beautiful”

A third tweeted: “#EastEnders Ian Is A Pathological Liar

While a fourth raged: “Ian missing out a few crucial details in his recollection of what happens with Denny ”

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.