Easy Kitchen Hacks to Make Food Healthier!

Eating is an essential part of our daily routine, which we take for granted. Sometimes, we eat whatever we get our hands on as long as it tastes good. But how many of us think of making our tasty food healthy as well? Oh, so you think that would need lots of preparation time and loads of ingredients? Well, YOU ARE WRONG! A few easy tricks and tips will make sure that your daily meals have an upside of being healthy as well.

Cook in oven: Fried food is our biggest enemy. The oil absorbed by the food finally gets deposited in our arteries, thereby, causing many diseases like hypertension, heart problems etc. A healthy lifestyle calls for consuming baked food. Start cooking your food in an oven instead of in pan on a flame. Baked food not only requires lesser butter/oil, but also preserves the nutrients of the food.

Sprinkle salt on plate: Salt is an important ingredient in our food-not only for taste, but also for many nutrients that it contains, such as iodine and sodium. Studies reveal that much of the nutritional benefits of salt are lost if it’s added during cooking (heat-treated). Therefore, it is recommended that salt be sprinkled over the food when served and not while cooking. This will not only retain the essential nutrients and minerals, but will also maintain the taste.

Use sea salt in food: Sea salt has an edge over the common table salt in terms of minerals. Sea salt contains many minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, sodium, iodine, magnesium and many more. The taste of the salt too isn’t too different from table salt and is now available in most of the grocery stores. So, why to stick to the table when the sea calls :)

Mix your flour: Do you use just wheat to make your chapatis? No doubt wheat is good and contains many nutrients. But why to restrict yourself with benefits of just one kind of flour? You should mix a variety of ground grains in your flour, like oats, soya, chickpeas and buckwheat. The goodness of these grains is too good for our health and requires just around 250 gms of each such grain’s flour to be mixed in 10 Kgs of wheat flour.

Shun your aluminium and steel wok: Stop using aluminium and even low quality stainless steel wok for cooking. Even Teflon coated non-stick cookware release chemicals in your food over a period of time. The best way to cook food is in an iron wok. An iron wok does not release any harmful chemicals during cooking and in fact, it makes your food iron rich.

Replace sugar with honey: It’s no secret how dangerous high sugar intake can become, especially for people with diabetes in genes. You should avoid consuming sugar but by doing that, you can still satiate your sweet tooth by replacing sugar with honey, especially in cold beverages or preparations. Try not to include honey in hot preparations as it tends to lose its goodness in high temperatures. The benefits of honey are endless, some of which include boosting immunity, preventing cancer, reducing cough and cold, reduces ulcers and many more.

Eating is a necessity, but eating healthy is a good habit which is in your hands. Try and incorporate healthy eating habits and work out regularly. Remember, a healthy body is a home to a healthy mind :)

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