Easy raita recipes to add a zing to your mealtimes.

Bhakti Menon

Raita is one of the most popular accompaniments or side dish served along with Indian meals. For those of you who are not very closely familiar with the Indian cuisine, raita is a yoghurt (curd) based preparation (prepared in sweet / salty forms) and served along with the main course.

Raitas are extremely cooling and refreshing and therefore very popular in summers when the mercury levels are on the rise. Though all year around, raitas are served in Indian households with spicy food. The cooling properties help in balancing out the heat emanating from spices and meats and hence they are always served with dishes such as pulao and biryani.

There’s a raita to go along with almost every kind of meal. Lets have a look at some recipes of this yogurt preparation, which will definitely add that zing to your meals. The first standard step is to keep a bowl of whisked yogurt ready and add fresh vegetables, fruits & select herbs/seasonings.