Can eating chicken cause coronavirus? Telangana ministers give live demo

FE Online

Politicians making non-stop speeches and a yawning audience is a common feature in most of the political rallies. Luring hordes of people with complementary food to fill empty chairs in such events is also not uncommon. But a group of Telangana ministers have given an interesting twist to a political event in Hyderabad. The ministers were seen relishing chicken pieces on the stage at a public event in order to clear the apprehensions of people about contracting Coronavirus from eating chicken and eggs, according to a report by ANI.

A group of ministers including Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, Health Minister Etela Rajender, and Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav led the public event held at Tank Bund area of the city. Photos of the ministers holding a chicken piece in their hands on the public stage went viral on the internet.

Rumours are flying thick and fast about Coronavirus on the internet with the fear-stricken people believing all sort of rumours about the virus. Taking into consideration the panic generated by the virus, the show put up by the Telangana ministers is unlikely to lay people’s fear to rest.

The virus is believed to have originated in China’s Hubei province from a meat market. More than 2800 casualties have been reported in China with another 80,000 positive cases of the virus.

The virus is slowly taking all parts of the world in its grip. More than 2500 positive cases have been reported in South Korea. U.S President Donald Trump also set alarm bell ringing with his comment that the spread of the virus may worsen. Already three positive cases have been reported in the United States. Taking precautionary measure, India has banned the entry of foreign nationals from China, South Korea and Japan into the country. India also evacuated the Indian nationals from the Chinese Hubei province earlier this month.