Eddie Murphy Birthday Special: From Prince Akeem to Donkey, 5 Characters Played By Coming 2 America Star That Rank High in Our List!

Rohit Rajput
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Eddie Murphy is revered as one of the best standup comedians of all time. His filmography is filled with so many iconic roles, that it hard to pick a favorite. His career has spanned over 40 years since he first appeared in Saturday Night Live back in 1982, and made an impact on the industry. Eddie Murphy Talks About Fatherhood at the Age of 60, Shares How Being a Father to 10 Kids Shaped His Life.

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Any role he is in, he makes sure to give it his best and make it as funny as he can. So to celebrate his 60th birthday, we are going to take a look at some of his most iconic roles: Coming 2 America Review: Eddie Murphy’s Return As King Akeem Gets Mixed Response From Critics.

Mr Robinson (Saturday Night Live)

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Going back to where it started, SNL played a huge part in getting his career started. He’s played a lot of iconic characters and pushed the boundaries of comedy that SNL is usually known for. Mr. Robinson is one of those roles. He took the role of Mr. Roger and offered a different version but made it a bit gritty and it worked like a charm.

Prince Akeem (Coming to America)

Playing the role of a king who leaves his country to find a bride, Akeem is one of Murphy’s best role. It’s the fish out of water dynamic of his character that makes it so entertaining to watch. It’s a riot to watch this character just learn new stuff about the American culture.

Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite is my name)

This role was Murphy’s comeback, after been inactive for 3 years. Murphy takes on the role of Rudy Ray Moore, a real life comedian and actor. He showcases a great range of acting prowess in the film while simultaneously being funny and portraying Moore accurately. His performance was praised highly by the critics.

Axel Foley (Beverly Hills Cop)

This role is Murphy at the top of his game. One of his most recognizable role, Alex Foley made the Beverly Hill Cop franchise into what it is. His character became popular because every cop movie back then was all about action, but this just being pure comedy is the reason fans gravitated towards it.

Donkey (Shrek)

Perhaps the role that’s celebrated most by fans of his and Shrek together, Donkey is one of those characters that just steal every scene he is in. His character is loud, speaks anything that come to his mind and is just dumb in general, its Murphy’s voice at the end which just compliments everything very well and elevates the character to what it is.