Eddie Redmayne admits to embarrassing injury on set of new film

Greer McNally
TELLURIDE, CO - AUGUST 30: Eddie Redmayne attends the Telluride Film Festival 2019 on August 30, 2019 in Telluride, Colorado. (Photo by Paul Best/Getty Images)

If you’ve watched the trailer for The Aeronauts, you’ll already know that Felicity Jones spends large parts of the film flying through the air doing death-defying stunts – many of which the actress actually did herself.

But it turns out it was co-star Eddie Redmayne who ended up in hospital during the shooting of the new period drama, and for quite an embarrassing reason.

The Fantastic Beasts actor actually tripped on set and had to be rushed to hospital – all to the bemusement of his co-star.

“I basically had no stunts in this film,” explained Redmayne in an interview with Variety, “and then on the penultimate day I was walking onto the stage and I tripped on a stunt mat, ripped my foot and had to be taken to ER in an ambulance.”

“As I left Felicity looked at me and was like what?”

Jones was quick to console her Theory of Everything co-star, quipping, “making films there’s always pain.”

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The new movie, directed by Tom Harper, is loosely based on historical events and tells the story of a scientist and a balloonist attempting to break the altitude record.

Jones has already admitted to enjoying some of the stunts so much she kept trying to do more. She told Time Out, ‘I was swinging off the balloon as it went up on a 2,000-foot crane. We were getting higher and higher, and they’d shout up: “There is a stunt woman, you know.” I’d yell back: “But I’m having such a good time!”’

Actors Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones of 'The Aeronauts' attend The IMDb Studio, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

The film - which is an Amazon Studios production – will be released in UK cinemas on 8 November and not reach the online streaming service until 2020.

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In the rest of the world it will have a shorter two-week cinema release at the beginning of December before reaching Amazon Prime just before Christmas.