Party guests 'sat on Edmonton stabbing suspect until police arrived'

Police officers outside Old Edmontonians Football Club in Edmonton, following the fatal stabbing. (PA)

Guests at a birthday party in North London reportedly sat on a suspected attacker until police arrived after they allegedly stabbed a 29-year-old man to death.

The clubhouse manager for Old Edmontonians FC, said the incident took place just after 8pm on Saturday during a 30th birthday party at the club in Edmonton.

The 60-year-old, who asked not to be named, said a man came running over towards the guests from a nearby playing field and “called for help” before collapsing on the ground.

He claimed a second man could be seen further back on the club’s football pitch appearing to “goad” the party, who slowly approached him and managed to restrain him on the floor.

Birthday party guests sat on the suspected attacker until police arrived following the attack. (PA)

The clubhouse manager said: “When I came to the door (of the club house) there was just a group of people around him (the victim).

“The woman from the bouncy castle was giving him chest compressions.

“The victim must have come over to us because he saw safety in numbers. He was on the floor then I saw him.”


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The clubhouse manager said a second man who was not from the party appeared further away from the club house on the football pitch.

“He was waving his arms. He was goading them so they (the guests) started getting closer and closer to him.

“He didn’t run, he just stood still. They somehow got him on the floor and sat on him until police came.”

Police searching the scene using a dog following the fatal stabbing. (PA)

He said the clubhouse had been booked by a group from Romford for a “corporate birthday party”, adding about 70 people attended, including some children.

The clubhouse manager said the suspected attacker was restrained by about “five or six” adults from the party.

Guests were eating when the victim ran over seeking help, he said.

The clubhouse manager said the attack did not happen on the club’s ground, adding the two men appeared to come from nearby playing field.

He said: “I was shocked by it. You read about these things but you don’t expect it to be happening right in front of you.”

The Metropolitan Police said they were called to the incident at 8.10pm and found a man with stab wounds on Houndsfield Road.

The victim died at the scene shortly after 9pm.

A 40-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident, Scotland Yard said.

A police cordon remains around the clubhouse and football pitch, with officers still on the scene.

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