Education: The more you drown, the more you go up

What is education? - In simple terms it is the ultimate means to understand the world around us, make sense of it and also prepare us to earn our living. Every parents dreams to provide best-in-class education to their children, for the children to attract better opportunities in life. It is true that the more you study better opportunities will knock at your door in terms of job, etc, but it is rare that we realise that education is key to rise above any obstacle in life. Education helps you see and understand the world beyond the invisible barriers or prejudices.

In today’s era, when most countries are grappling with grave issues such as climate emergency, terrorism, poverty, fake news and more, the value of good education has become more critical than before. Education can be a key differentiator in shaping a better future, and therefore we must allow the children to drown themselves in the sea of knowledge so that they can rise above any challenge. It helps us develop our opinions and build points of view on various things in life. You may argue that going to school or and education institute is only about learning a few subjects and gaining information. But to change the world around us, information needs to be converted into knowledge with help from right education. Education makes us capable of interpreting things, not only from textbook but from our environment in general.