Eijaz Khan 'fed up' of being confused with Ajaz Khan

Shreya Mukherjee
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Eijaz Khan
Eijaz Khan

02 Apr 2021: Eijaz Khan 'fed up' of being confused with Ajaz Khan

When Ajaz Khan, widely known for his BB stint, got arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), little did Eijaz Khan know how distressing it would be for him.

The Bigg Boss 14 contestant was apparently mistaken to be the one to get nabbed by the drug enforcement agency.

So, to avoid all confusion, Eijaz took to social media to spell out his name!

Tweets: 'Wasn't me...(I'm so fed up of this mixup)'

A few hours after Ajaz was nabbed by the central agency, Eijaz tweeted: "Wasn't me... (I'm so fed up of this mixup) (sic)."

His fans were quick to jump in and relay their support.

One user advised him not to take stress, as all the confusion will soon go away.

Replying to this, Eijaz wrote he wasn't worried about himself.

Fact: See the interaction between the actor and his fan here

Identity error: 'Dad gets hassled with relentless calls from family and friends'

His reply read: "#merekofarknahipadta but my dad gets hassled with relentless calls from family and friends (sic)."

Soon thereafter, Eijaz posted a goofy picture of him wearing glasses and literally spelled out his name in the tweet.

He said it was "just in case" someone was still confused.

The Kkavyanjali actor also advised naysayers to wear glasses if they still thought he'd been arrested.

Fact: Just in case you is still confused, says Eijaz

Love life: Eijaz had earlier expressed wish to get married this year

Having started his television career with Kahiin To Hoga, Eijaz recently gained fame for his stint inside the Bigg Boss house.

Competition aside, Eijaz also met Pavitra Punia and fell in love with her.

Their relationship took time to take off, but now the couple is often seen together.

In an interview, Eijaz said they can get married this year if things go well.

Background: To recall, NCB claimed Ajaz was part of drug syndicate

For the unversed, NCB arrested Ajaz after eight-hour-long interrogation on Wednesday on grounds of his association with a drug syndicate in Mumbai.

He was taken to the agency's office as soon as he flew back to the city after finishing a shoot in Rajasthan.

But the actor maintained his innocence.

He claimed that the NCB personnel didn't find anything from his residence.