El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie; Walter White’s Partner, Jesse Pinkman AKA Aaron Paul, Is Still On The Run

The story of Breaking Bad is not over yet! Thank god for small mercies. Netflix has finally made the big reveal! The OTT platform has released the title and release date for the movie spin-off of Breaking Bad, starring Aaron Paul. It has been directed by Vince Gilligan, who directed the Breaking Bad series. Along with the title announcement, Netflix also shared a short teaser of the movie.

The film will be out on Netflix on October 11. The movie will revolve around the character of Jesse Pinkman, who would cook meth with his partner, Walter White. Fans of the award-winning franchise are over the moon, as it has been nearly 6 years to the release of the last episode of Breaking Bad.

In the closing scene of the last episode that was dropped online, Jesse Pinkman was seen speeding away on a Chevrolet El Camino.

In an earlier interview, Pinkman had elaborated on the closing scene in these words, “In his final screen appearance as Pinkman, Paul said, “I loved the way Jesse was flying through the exterior gates of the Nazi compound. He’s screaming, he’s crying. He’s got these emotions going through his body. And then it just cuts away from him.”

Image Source:- youtube/netflix/nicolasconley

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