Elderly couple unaware of Akshay's identity, treats him with 'gur roti'

Ravi Bansal

Pune, Nov 1 (PTI) An elderly farmer couple from a small hamlet in Pune's Maval tehsil were in for a pleasant surprise after they were told that a man who came to their house and asked for water was none other than Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar.

He also had 'gur-roti' with them and clicked photographs. But while all these happened, the couple were unaware who the visitor was, until their grandson and some neighbours told them about Kumar's identity.

The actor along with his family was in Pawna dam area on Thursday and during a morning walk near Shillim village along with his daughter Nitara, walked into the house of Baban and Draupda Dhamale for a glass of water.

The couple not only offered them water but also served 'gur-roti'.

Kumar, moved by their hospitality, later shared his photos with the elderly couple on Twitter.

'Today's morning walk turned into a life lesson for the little one. We walked into this kind, old couple's house for a sip of water and they made us the most delicious gur-roti. Truly, being kind costs nothing but means everything,' he wrote in the caption.

Baban said when Kumar walked into their house, they were having their morning tea and breakfast.

'He inquired about our well-being and asked for a glass of water for his daughter and after that, he expressed his wish to take a look around the house. When we offered him tea, he just picked up a piece of roti from our plates and asked for some jaggery and ate,' said Baban.

He added they were unaware who he was.

'We then came out of the house and he clicked photos with us. By the time, our grandson Abhishek came home and he was excited to see the man inside the house,' said Baban.

He said it was Abhishek and other neighbours who told them about Kumar's identity.

Abhishek said that when Kumar came to their house around 8 am, he was out.

'I came to know about it and rushed home and was shocked to see that the superstar had breakfast with my grandparents and clicked photos with them,' he said.

Kumar before leaving clicked photos with other people in the area. PTI SPK RBZMN