Elevating Social Conversations with Privacy

Rajasi Nagwekar
·1-min read

Palsdoor was founded and developed by Adi Thummisi, a 15-year-old from the Bay Area. He has had the idea in mind since finding that, as a gamer and car enthusiast, he found it difficult to connect with people who shared his interests through existing social media platforms. With a keen interest and experience in developing websites and apps, he was inspired to start working on Palsdoor as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which served as a greater trigger to further the cause of online collaboration while sheltering in place.

Unlike other social platforms, Palsdoor doesn’t have the intention of selling personal information. This can be seen at Palsdoor’s privacy section. Though there are others peers in this place, they have lost their vision and have converted into sites where it has become their main goal to exchange personal information.

Palsdoor is built primarily around allowing users to chat with others based primarily on their interests. This is done by joining communities revolving around that interest, whether it be a specific sport, artistic discipline, hobby, or other interest. Unlike hobby groups in existing social media platforms and websites, Palsdoor offers a range of features that allow users to engage more deeply with those interests, like hosting events, buying and selling within the community, organizing group discussions, and more.

With an interest-driven focus, Palsdoor aims to forge a much wider community on the basis of sharing the same passions. As such, it aims to differentiate itself from competitors by making participation less about commercial merchandising and advertising and less about opinion-based content. Instead, it aims to generate an environment of content driven by expertise and interaction driven by passion.

Check it out: palsdoor.com