Ellen DeGeneres wants fans to self-pamper with 'Be Kind' box

Shubham Dasgupta
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Ellen DeGeneres wants fans to self-pamper with
Ellen DeGeneres wants fans to self-pamper with

16 Nov 2020: Ellen DeGeneres wants fans to self-pamper with 'Be Kind' box

Ellen DeGeneres is banking hard on her "be kind" rhetoric, this time with brand-new merchandise that comes for $270.

Yes, being kind comes at a price, which the talk show host has learned the hard way after relentless controversies surrounding her code of conduct in The Ellen DeGeneres Show this summer, thanks to a Buzzfeed report.

Let's talk about the box now.

Contents: What do we get for $270?

The contents of the box are mentioned on the bekindbyellen.com website.

The box contains a Hope necklace by female-owned company Bychari.

It also has a pair of wireless earbuds and a collapsible travel cup.

There are Wander Beauty eye masks and a hygiene keychain made of antimicrobial brass.

Finally, it also has a customizable watercolor kit.

Proceeds from Hope necklaces go for charity efforts.

The whole deal: There are discounts too

Fans of the host are to get a $54.99 "kind" price for a limited period, and if they are lucky enough to get a special code, they'll get an additional $15 off.

Such a catch was also promoted by one of DeGeneres' celebrity friends, Kris Jenner.

Jenner had uploaded an unboxing video of the package on Instagram to find a picture of DeGeneres additionally.

Substandard products: Fans are not happy

However, it feels like DeGeneres has landed herself into a new row with substandard products in the box because various kinds of complaints from fans across the world started pouring in.

"The headphones in my box don't work very well - very disappointed in the quality," said a user.

Another user said, "I am still waiting for my box ... it's been months."

Viewers not 'so kind': The show is faring poorly too

The Season 18 premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show fared poorly on September 21 as it had an average of 1.2 Live+Same Day household ratings, which is a drop by 29% from the 2019 premiere of the show.

The show is also getting a 38% viewership reduction compared to last year with 1.7 million viewers on average as a fallout of the toxicity controversy.