Elli Avram: 'I Have A Problem With The Term 'Item Song' Because Indirectly We Are Calling The Girl An Item'- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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Were you nervous to perform with the perfectionist Aamir Khan in Har Fun Maula?

No, I wasn't nervous because I am a bit crazy when it comes to having things perfect as well. So, I was just happy with the fact that I am going to dance with him.

How was your experience shooting with him?

You won't believe but there was one take which we had done and Aamir had loved it. He said yes this is perfect, it works for me and then I was like 'Can we just do it one more time please, because I know it has come out nice but my movements over there I can do much better. And I won't be able to sleep at night thinking that I can do better with what we are finalising.' So, he laughed and said, 'Okay, let's do it again. It is okay for me but if you are saying, then aapke liye kar lete hain'. So, when it comes to perfection, I can give you a hundred takes. I will be more than happy to do it because I will always find something. I am really grateful that he was so humble and kind to do one more take on my request.

Any dance number of yours which you feel would have been better?

There are many. Line up all the songs which I have done and I can sit and tell you that move, I would have done it much better. I would have kept my leg like that. The foot should have been like that and fingers too. Why did I forget to do it? Everywhere I will find flaws.

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Which songs of yours have helped you to change your journey in Bollywood?

There are two songs, one out of those is Fidaai, which I recently shot. It's a music video and the dancing in it is something nobody has seen me do earlier. So, I am extremely grateful to that young director and choreographer, Saurabh. He saw that in me and got it out for the world to see. And second one would be Har Fun Maula because this one again is that whole Broadway, jazz, ballet, cabret. This is also something which is my forte you can say. Because I have learnt this type of dance form. So, it's closer to my heart.

Did you take inspiration from any of the Bollywood actresses who have done a cabret before?

Not somebody from Bollywood for this particular song. I watched a lot of old school Hollywood musical movies.

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Elli, do you feel that the Bollywood industry has typecast you as an item girl?

Not after my performance in Malang where I portrayed Jesse. And also, because I played Sylvia Nanavati in the web series The Verdict- State V/S Nanavati. Ever since then, it was like I have proved myself as an actor. Even though I started my career in Bollywood as an actress in Mickey Virus. I am getting great roles and I am currently shooting for something which is beautiful. I have two south films to be released. But yes, after playing these two roles, the perception has completely changed.

Do you agree that item numbers get more eyeballs to a film?

What I have understood when it comes to Indian culture is dance, music, singing is a part of it. It's something that everyone loves so much. So, I would say yes it gives that extra excitement for that particular movie. It brings some extra joy and feeling to the audience.

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Kangana Ranaut in one of her interviews said that the way actresses are presented in item numbers is shameful, Do you agree with it?

I think this is something you have to ask every individual on how they feel shooting that song. But for me personally because I can talk about only my own experiences, I have never felt that I am being used in some way. Like I have always been aware, that this is the costume and I like it. I am performing and expressing in a way which is also a part of being a woman and being divine in your own way and own it. So, I have never felt that and if I ever feel something like that, I will not go ahead and do the song. Whatever I have done is because I am getting some excitement out of it.

Go on...

What I would say though, which I know has also been a discussion is- why do we call it an 'item song'? Because with that word by saying it as an item song we are indirectly calling that girl an item. And I would say that is not correct. We are not an item. So, that's why I feel it should be called a special song, a dance number.

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