Elli AvrRam suits up for a gender-bender shoot! Photos Inside!

Amar Singh Rathore
Elli AvrRam suits up for a gender-bender shoot! Photos Inside!

Those of you who have seen the extremely pretty Elli AvrRam shake a leg in the UP Hille Zilla Hilela song from Jabariya Jodi, will surely be pleasantly surprised by the lovely lass’ transformation in these pictures. Far from her pink lehenga and girl-next-door charm, this shoot is all about being edgy and cool.

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The Swedish Greek actress, Elli Avram knows how to turn on the charm and can easily switch from being a desi diva in a lehenga-choli to being a power-dresser in a suit. Check out some of the latest pictures on her Instagram and you’ll know where we are headed. While in the checkered pant-suit attire, she is all sass and style, in the formal shirt and trousers, she exudes a power vibe. But it’s that impish charm in her smile which we have grown to adore, that gives her away!

Telling us more about how she decided to go ahead with his shoot, Elli says, “This shoot was my own concept. I was craving to do a shoot that’s drastically different from what I’ve always done before. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dresses and high heels too. But I’d say this was my inner voice which wanted to express that sensuality and beauty doesn’t actually lie in what you wear.”

Getting nostalgic about her childhood, the actress, recalls how she loved wearing her elder brother’s clothes. “To me, it had nothing to do with being a boy or a girl. This shoot was an expression of my personality that has always been gender-neutral,” she adds. And what fun she had! “It was making me feel more free, which definitely made it fun! It made me remember the days when I wasn’t bothered about my clothes, but more about my presentation and character. And this is something that’s lacking a lot in today’s world,” she believes. See the photos here…

Guess we can always expect the unexpected from this gal!

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