Elrond Partners With FEEEL.health To Provide Blockchain Infrastructure And Expertise For The eHealth Platform

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Elrond Network and FEEEL.health are pleased to announce an integration partnership that will add blockchain capabilities to the eHealth platform. The two companies will work together to advance eHealth practices at European Union level, by complementing the innovative approach of https://feeel.health with blockchain security, privacy and transparency.

By integrating a cryptographically secured decentralized layer, the eHealth provider will be able to offer its users, customers and partners with reliable information, true anonymity and mutually beneficial collaboration avenues.

“There is a big gap in eHealth services at European Union level that we aim to fill with our instant healthcare platform. End-user trust related to the privacy of their medical records is a key barrier that blockchain technology will help us to overcome, thanks to our collaboration with Elrond” said Dr. Horea Timis, FEEEL.health CEO.

The term eHealth refers to the practices of integrating computer systems and data networks into the healthcare sector, so as to make it more accessible, useful and inexpensive. FEEEL.health aims to be the “Medical Facebook”, a digital platform that connects patients with healthcare service providers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, physicians & dentists from all over Europe. By employing AI & Data Analytics it supports a healthy lifestyle and gives instant access to personalized medical advice.

The size of the European eHealth market was $3.3bn in 2019 and is projected to reach $7.1bn by 2024. This is in spite of hindering factors such as fraudulent activities, privacy and security concerns related to electronic patient records. Blockchain technology is uniquely positioned to solve these problems, potentially unlocking the eHealth market growth by several orders of magnitude.

“Our hyperconnected world requires a hyperconnected infrastructure of health service providers teaming up for the best patient care. Digitization and automation will be key enablers for the over-burdened medical workers, especially in times of global concern. We are happy to provide the layer of trust for FEEEL.health and help them reach their goals.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO.

Besides addressing concerns related to sensitive medical data, blockchain technology can further create interoperability avenues for exchanging health information, allowing for better patient care and medical advancements. Furthermore, it can help involved parties to stay GDPR compliant and overall reduce costs.

About Elrond

Elrond is the internet-scale blockchain, designed from scratch to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed. To achieve this, Elrond introduces two key innovations: a novel Adaptive State Sharding mechanism, and a Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, enabling linear scalability with a fast, efficient, and secure consensus mechanism. Thus, Elrond can process upwards of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), with 5-second latency, and negligible cost, attempting to become the backbone of a permissionless, borderless, globally accessible internet economy.

About FEEEL.Health

Feeel Health is a company operating in the healthcare sector which is building the instant healthcare platform FEEEL.health. It brings together healthcare services providers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, physicians and dentists from all over Europe and connects them to patients.

More details about Elrond can be found at https://elrond.com

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