Ely Boaz is the Personification of True Entrepreneurship

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As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, along with a pandemic, the world is going through uncertainty and hardship. Existence seems complicated; minds entangled with rushing thoughts. This pandemic has allowed us a bit to reflect upon our lives. What are we doing, and are we what we love? Some great ideas and individuals came upon the scene during this pandemic.

Ely Boaz is a name that speaks volume. Ely Boaz is an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur in him emerged during to the world during this pandemic. He started his awe-inspiring journey as a social media strategist and marketing expert. Ely Boaz is 25 years old and thinks years ahead. He belongs to Qiryat Ono, Israel.

He previously was inducted into the army but left to pursue his passion for social media and marketing. He initiated his journey by starting two social media and advertising agencies during the pandemic. His social media and marketing agency based in the US is named "Social Giveaways". On the other hand, he has an agency based in Israel named the "Celebrity".

Both agencies have grown enormously under the compassionate leadership of Ely Boaz. These agencies helped various startups, celebrities, influencers, organizations and businesses to make a defined and propagating presence on social media, specifically Instagram. Ely Boaz has a clientele of successful celebrities. In this way, Ely Boaz not only pursued his dream but also helped various others on their entrepreneurial journeys too. Because a true entrepreneur believes that you rise by lifting others.

A true entrepreneur is great at dealing with uncertainty and minimizing risk. That is what Ely Boaz envisioned and executed. Ely Boaz believes in the power of collaboration. He loves to be a co-creator rather than being a mere marketer. Ely Boaz has induced compassion during the hard times of the pandemic. He has set a benchmark for the ones inspiring to be entrepreneurs.