Emerging Artist, GT_Ofice Spreads Messages of Self-Love and Self-Worth


For most people, the end of the year is one of the busiest times of the year. While most city dwellers are overwhelmed by the end of the year madness, this isn’t the case for GT_Ofice.

GT_Ofice’s career in the music industry took off after releasing two trending songs on music platforms and social media titled, “Live My Life” vocals by Amber and “Stay the Night” vocals by xoxomyah. What was most impressive about both releases was the fact that GT_Ofice made the promotions and marketing happen all by himself. No label, no manager, just pure marketing genius.

“I’m really proud of both tracks!” “As a DJ, I always want to find undiscovered vocalists or unique voices to compliment my beats.” “I enjoy getting people excited to express their unique selves and dance, but I want to do it in unique ways.”

Music was the therapy GT_Ofice needed to save his soul. Like many of us, he has experienced loss and depression. Music helped him to produce and work with other artists who wanted to promote self-love, positivity, and unique messages.

Electronic Dance is the style of music GT_Ofice prefers to produce. “I started understanding and getting the BPM’s—beats per minute— faster and faster, “he recalls, “until I ended at my temp.” He perfected an upbeat dance vibe to compliment his mood of music. That means happy, electric beats that resonate perfectly on any dance floor.

He’s stoked to start touring and performing at major clubs and festivals around the U.S. this upcoming 2020. “I just love to see everyone singing along and dancing to my beats.” He notes it’s especially exciting when he’s doing his own events, because he knows each and every person has bought a ticket to see him. “It’s an electric energy and feeling to start and complete a track in less than 24 hours.”

GT_Ofice loves his fans and marketing his brand via social media and music platforms. He’s someone who responds to every fan message, sends promotional material (such as a GT_Ofice hoodie) to fans, and embraces the crowd.

GT_Ofice has plans for 2020 which include releasing new tracks, performing at music festivals, and continuing to build his business and fan base off of pure hustle. We look forward to continued success, new tracks, and performances from this emerging artist.

“I make beats and tracks so everyone can express themselves and dance together as well.” “Music resonates through us all each with unique heart beats.” Stayed tuned from more from this emerging artist, GT_Ofice.

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