The new emerging entrepreneurial talent of India Amber Gandotra

India a Nation of young blood, lots of young talent from different states are coming forward and showing their potential in each every field. IT sector, which is a hot pick in India currently. If you see the highest number of earning is coming from the IT sector in India from the last five to ten years.

Many young Entrepreneurs have proved their skills in the IT sector with their abilities and doing business with top companies in India and outside India. We came to know about the young emerging talent who is not even 22; Amber Gandotra has made his name as the most emerging talent from Jammu.

Amber Gandotra, a new talent, who is getting all the limelight in North India. He is involved in many businesses with his father and some of his own. Amber is way mature than others who are of his age. His achievements in the younger generation have made him celebrity and inspiration for others how to make a path of success with the right decisions in life. He is achieving all these things because of his dedication and hard work. He is very focused on what he does in life. He is not getting distracted from other things in life and entirely focusing on his work, which is a fabulous thing to have and rare too at his age.

He has never used his family name in his business whatever he is earning is all thanks to his talent. But Amber never forget to say that all this inspiration comes from his mom and dad. He is following his father's footsteps as he is his role model. Amber is a soft-spoken person very down to earth by nature, which is an excellent thing. He might have born with a silver spoon but he is making it gold with his hard work and dedication with huge name as Entrepreneur as tender age.

Amber is planning to launch a few more projects in a short period. No official announcement has been made yet, but as per the sources, it is going to be a huge stepping stone for him and his family in coming years.

Here's wishing young and emerging talent of Jammu Amber Gandotra all the best for his upcoming projects. We hope he makes it more prominent in his life and makes India proud with his work.