Eminent Cardiologist and Covid-19 Task Force Committee Member Dr Manjunath Takes Coronavirus Vaccine

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Eminent cardiologist and Karnataka COVID-19 Task Force Committee member Dr C N Manjunath on Thursday took the coronavirus vaccine and said he was fine. He advised healthcare workers to volunteer for vaccination without fear and apprehension "since it is safe and no major adverse events." "Taking vaccine is the only way we can end this pandemic.I took it today and I am fine," said Dr Manjunath, who is director of the Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research in a statement.

He said mild fever, injection site pain and bodyache are not side effects but only effects of the vaccine. "With more people taking, some more will take, which boosts public confidence so that we can achieve herd immunity on expected lines," the cardiologist said, adding that taking vaccine is civic responsibility.

Since the launch of the vaccination drive, 1,17,407 frontline workers have been given the vaccine in the state till Wednesday, the health department said.