Emmanuel Fredenrich sets a great example of himself for all the aspiring fitness enthusiasts

The reason why fitness models and influencers have so much power over their followers is pretty simple- relatability. It was believed that only famous bodybuilders could achieve their dream bodies by working out the hardest and eating the healthiest food there is. Influencers shattered this misconception, making fitness possible, attainable and sustainable for everyone.

The very idea, that “if they can, so can I” helps people identify with influencers and as a result follow them and their routine. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, fitness model and social media influencer Emmanuel Fredenrich has used relatability to his greatest advantage. He started his first internet business just at the young age of 14. He dropped out of high school at the age of 18, after starting a 7-figure health supplement company. He went on to become a fitness influencer after helping over 100,000 customers achieve their health goals with his products. His success was definitely not an overnight doing and he worked his way up to gain over 210k followers on Instagram.

His workout routines, motivational videos, meal plans and photoshoots motivate fitness enthusiast and aspiring models to tread the path he is walking. Many people take him as an inspiration to achieve the body of their dreams. A man with many qualities, he helps other businesses build their brands and grow their revenue using the same online branding strategies he used to grow his own business and personal brand. Unlike many fitness influencers, his aim is not only self-promotion but to grow a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts by helping them make healthy and well-informed decisions related to working out and following a nutritious diet.

He is a master in marketing himself and has helped many fitness brands grow through his unique branding and marketing strategies. He consistently produces content on his social media pages to attract followers. He posts fitness content on Instagram and motivational videos or vlogs on his Facebook and stories. Several brands and fitness product companies have collaborated with him to reach out to their target audience and reach their business goals.

Social media influencers make it easy for people to reach their goals by simply making them believe that what seems impossible, is possible when done consistently and correctly. Fredenrich ‘s hard work and never give up attitude has motivated people to get back on their feet and take charge of their own body and how it looks.

With a highly impressive social media presence on both Instagram and Facebook, he splits his time between managing his social media accounts, running his supplement business and helping clients looking for marketing help. His accounts are not simply filled with workout videos but it offers a glimpse to his larger than life persona. He likes to introduce his followers to the new food he tries out, the beautiful places he travels to and the amazing friends and family.

The popularity of fitness models and influencers is made it clear that influencer marketing is effective and here to stay. Social media influencers are showing no signs of decline.