Emre can Ayaydın is in talks with Mohit Kathuria for his new project Ashley

India is growing in the right direction; our young generation is becoming fitter. From the past decade or lifestyle on Indians has changed a lot. Hectic schedules and stress are taking a toll on young people, and for remedy gym and meditation have become necessary in today's time. Now we need experts who have the solution in this fast-growing world.

As we are talking about fitness, we found one of the strongest and fab guy of India Mohit Kathuria. He is one of the fittest lads and fitness gurus known for his muscular physique. He has a fantastic powerful body, which is a perfect example for any young one on how to look when you are young. Mohit is no lesser than a model; he is the founder of the most popular fit look magazine.

Mohit has worked hard to maintain his physique; he also inspires other people to remain the same as him in real life. He is one of the most exceptional fitness consultants India has right now as he maintains an international standard in his practice. He has a fabulous team which can quickly become part of any brand.

According to the rumours, Mohit and his team have been offered a modelling contract from Switzerland company called ASHLEY, which is a gold company and going to start first time in India. They are looking for a face for their brand. So they contacted Mohit for that process.

ASHLEY company would be a sub-branch of Goldi Group which is headquartered in Switzerland. Goldi Group is run by the renowned personality of Western countries Emre Can Ayaydın. He is known for his work in various countries. Now he is planning to launch a new firm in India called ASHLEY.

Young entrepreneur Emre wants to launch his dream project in India, and for that, he feels Mohit and his team can be the perfect match. As Mohit is the fittest guy and he has the same side as him. So Emre feels it would be an excellent match for both of them. Emre also knows that Mohit is also running a famous magazine called fit look, which can give his brand a grand launch too in India.

It would be great to see both the top names of different countries come together and merge into one project. We wish Mohit Kathuria and Emre Can Ayaydın all the best for this project.