An Engineer Turned Content Creator: Natasha Shrotri’s Fashion Journey


Today social media influencers are driving fashion with full force. They are transforming the way fashion brands connect with their core audience. Whereas some may comprehend fashion influencing as owning dreamy wardrobes and travelling in heels, believing so is like judging a
book by its cover. Fashion blogging constitutes of rising to new challenges, being draped in hectic schedules and fostering creative experiments, every single day. Natasha Shrotri is a name
that instantly pops up in our minds, for she is long experienced in the field and is a leading influencer from Pune. With her trendy styling hacks and chic fashion sense, netizens love her style statement.

Living in a city that loves fashion and shines through its local styles, she was deeply inspired and wanted to explore more. Hence, truly spirited as a fashionista, she gave a spark to her dreams in 2010, when she started her blog in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kick started as a hobby, she molded her blog into a successful career with sheer hard work and dedication.
Interestingly,Natasha worked as an electronics engineer in a multinational company before venturing into
the fashion domain. Her courage to make the leap of faith can be credited to the Army background she hails from. Daughter of an Army officer, Natasha considers herself fortunate enough to have experienced the diverse cultures that India boasts of.

Without having a spike of income in initial days, she has had her set of hard days too, as the blog’s progress was snail-like in the beginning. From having a job as an engineer that paid
handsomely to pursuing the passion right from the scratch, the switch was never easy. The tables turned when a leading phone brand signed Natasha for a long term collaboration.

Presently, she juggles between various choices of brands and is onboard with prestigious ones for their upcoming campaigns.

Fabricating exciting fashion content that attracts eyeballs, she believes that quality is of utmost importance to her, as the content should do justice to her audience. A proof to that is her fan
base of 119k loyal followers on Instagram. Her ongoing series ‘Girl Crush’ is already garnering
much traction to call it a hit. The series features Natasha with her real life friends, dolled up and
having fun with fashion. Every fashion lover must check it out on her handle @natasha_shrotri.

The videos dwell on unique styling ideas and endearing girl to girl bonding, that will surely leave
you smiling!

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