Enjoy Tangle-Free Curly Hair With These Smart Hacks

Monika Khajuria
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After living with the curly tresses all our lives, you would think that we have what it takes to manage them. But, no. We are nowhere near conquering the beautiful phenomenon that is curly hair. The two major setbacks of curly hair are frizz and tangles. While frizziness is more to do with the appearance of your hair (okay, we know that is putting it mildly), tangles can do some great damage to your hair to the point of no return. Tangles are what make us wary of the curly tresses.

De-tangling the hair is not only a pain but also leads to hair breakage and eventually affects your hair health. Imagine dealing with knots and tangles every single day! But, do you really need to struggle with the tangled-tresses? Luckily for you, we have some amazing curly hair hacks to keep your hair bouncy and tangle-free.

Divide And Conquer

Washing curly hair is the part where we make major mistakes. We put too little product and are rub the product too aggressively. As a result, when you step out of the shower your hair is a tangled mess. To keep your hair tangle-free, brush your hair before wash and while washing section your hair and apply the product. Be very gentle with your hair and do not forget to condition your hair. When you are done washing, don't dry your hair aggressively. Use an old t-shirt to remove the excess water.

Detangle, But Using A Detangler

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Detangling, as would know, is the saviour for your hair. That is because as soon as you overlook, the curly hair will have nasty tangles and knots. And as you go about your day, the issue gets worse. So, keep a detangler with you all the time. Your regular hairs brush won't help your hair.

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Don’t Leave The Curls Wild And Free

We know how convenient it is to wash your hair and be on the go. It saves you a lot of time and efforts, right? Well, wrong. Leaving your curly hair and especially wet hair is a grave mistake. Your hair will be a mess in no time. So, do not step out with open tresses, no matter how tempting it is.

Oil Rinse, Maybe!

Dryness in the hair is another reason for the tangles. It is, therefore, advised to keep the curly hair moisturised. All the time. An oil rinse can solve the issue of dry curly hair. To give your hair an oil rinse, you need wet hair. So, after you have a shower (with the shampoo and conditioner), apply any oil of your choice on the hair. Leave it be or quickly rinse your hair. This will add a slippery touch to your manes and ensure your hair does not get tangled.

Note: Make sure to thoroughly wash your hair the next time after oil rinse to get the oil completely off your tresses.

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Know Thy Hairstyles

We have already discussed how leaving your hair open is a bad idea. Styling your hair in a hairstyle that sets your hair in place is a great way to prevent your hair from getting tangled. Try different hairstyles and find the one or the ones for you. Detangle and style your hair and you don't have to worry about the knots and tangles.

Be A Night Warrior

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Most of us toss and turn while sleeping. And that makes the situation worse for your curly hair. It induces frizz, knots and tangles in your hair which are a pain to get rid of in the morning. You can prevent this by tying your hair in a braid or bun while sleeping. You can also cover your hair with a silk scarf or bandana for that extra protection. Another way to tie your hair is the famous pineapple method in which you tie your curly hair on the top of your head. Also, switch to a silk pillow or pillowcase to avoid loss of moisture in your hair during the night.

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And that, my friends, is how you keep your curly hair bouncy, beautiful and tangle-free. Try these hacks and let us know how well did they work for you.

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