Enough Is Enough: Rhea Reports Rape & Death Threat Against Her

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After Shaheen Bhatt, Rhea Chakraborty has taken to Instagram to report a violent threat to her. She began by saying that in the past month, she was referred to as a 'gold-digger', 'murderer' and even 'slut-shamed' but she chose to stay quiet. However, a user sent the actor a message saying that the person will ensure she gets 'raped n murdered'.

Rhea continued by saying, "But how does my silence give you the right to tell me that you will get me RAPED and MURDERED if I don’t commit suicide? Do you realize the seriousness of what you have said? These are crimes, and by law no one, I repeat NO ONE should be subjected to this kind of toxicity and harassment".

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Rhea urged the cyber crime cell to take action. "I request @cyber_crime_helpline @cybercrimeindia to please take necessary action. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

A few days back, Shaheen Bhatt shared screenshots of rape and death threats that she and her sister Alia have been constantly receiving, and called out Instagram for not taking the responsibility of creating a safe environment for women in the online space. Speaking about the online bullies, Shaheen went on to say that she will expose them because they become emboldened by their anonymity. "Abusers are emboldened by their anonymity. I will not help hide you. I will use all legal recourse available to me to take action. If you think you can't be located because your account is anonymous, please think again - IP addresses are easily trackable. You are not invisible. Harassment is a crime."

Even Sonam Kapoor expressed her concern about online bullying. The actor took to Instagram to share several hateful comments she and her family had been receiving.

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