Entrepreneur Bijan Zamani is Revolutionising Patient Booking in the UK


Bijan Zamani is planning to raise more than millions of pounds through another round of funding and is in talks with different investors as well as top physicians and surgeons and medical centres in England. Dr. Bijan Zamani is planning to revolutionize the healthcare booking platforms in the UK as there are still no major platforms in the market to fulfill the patient’s needs. 

According to DailyMail, just one in 20 trainee doctors want to work full time despite it costing £500,000 to train each GP. Some future general practitioners say they want to slash their hours to work as little as one-and-a-half days a week. The innate stress of seeing up to 70 patients a day has been cited as a potential factor driving doctors away from full-time work.

Zamani noted that with the current crises people will likely use the private sector more and in near future the private healthcare will become more convenient for people.

Bijan Zamani’s latest UK-based project RightDoc, is a platform that allows patients to book appointments with a private doctor at a time to suit the patient from any device, 24-hours a day and read patient reviews. The RightDoc platform was created to drive greater transparency as well as greater access to healthcare for patients in the UK. 

Bijan Zamani, MD is an Iranian entrepreneur, also known as the “First Iranian Medical Programmer” and founder of series startups in Iran. Zamani’s remarkable success came to spotlight when over a decades ago he founded the first Iranian health care booking platform in Iran.

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