How This Entrepreneur Ensured Her Startup Thrived in COVID-19 Lockdown Despite Selling a Non-Essential Item

Delhi-based Ayushi Gudwani grew up as an outstanding student - school topper, table tennis aficionado, and medal winner at engineering college. So it was no surprise when she went on to do MBA at IIM-Calcutta, and later a six-year stint at McKinsey & Company. However, wanting to make a larger impact, she took up entrepreneurship a few years ago.

In February 2016, she launched FableStreet - a premium work wear brand for women – and has also raised more than $3 million from external investors so far. In a recent chat with MAKERS India, Ayushi spoke about surviving the lockdown caused by Coronavirus pandemic.

Although the lockdown had restricted the business of ecommerce players selling non-essential items, FableStreet managed to bounce back despite selling apparels, a non-essential item. Ayushi credits her team for the same. “Being a solo entrepreneur is hard. But I can always go to my team for discussions and debates; they challenge me. I also discuss with my husband, my sister, and my brother-in-law, who are all supportive and work in the startup space,” she says.

FableStreet is a team of 130, with the core team of 30 in Design, Development, Marketing, and Branding departments being based out of Delhi.

What gives her the confidence to march ahead despite the challenges? Ayushi says, “My parents - Doctor dad and lawyer mom –had great aspirations for me and my sister. We were brought up with no gender difference – to be independent and responsible for ourselves. So we grew up thinking that we can conquer the world and we can do it all. And here we are.”

(Interview and Produced by Athira Nair)

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